The Team

Miguel Ángel Pérez Lasheras Services Management

miguel_angelEngineer with extensive knowledge in industrial environments: continuous improvement in production processes, safety and risk prevention, environmental management, quality assurance and integrated management systems. Fully convinced of the preventive culture profitability. Knowledgeable expert in implementation of ISO 9001 Quality Standards Certification and Environment 14001 as well as BRC “consumer products”.

José Eduardo Callejero Moreno Technical Direction José Eduardo Callejero DIMCA

Engineer with over 17 years experience in project management of new implementation, development and enhancement. My career has focused on the deep and passionate understanding of the processes and their continuous improvement and debugging, specializing in the optimization of Equipment and Continuous Process Industry Operations. I am convinced that the success of any project is ensured with the commitment of a motivated team at all stages of design, planning and final execution.


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