Quality Consultant Figure, has been generally associated with management systems such ISO 9001, EFQM, ITIL… However, quality consulting should cover a variety of other activities, disciplines and functions needed in organizations.


The aim of DIMCA, is to make a new, different and more competitive consulting, focused on getting results from the first contact.

We approach our projects from a PDCA perspective, in which we start with a situation analysis, identifying improvements, implementing solutions, getting results and suggestting further improvements

Our intention is to travel the road with our customers, building long-term relationships that strengthen the quality of their products or services.
From DIMCA we offer the technical assistance together with documentary and management assistance in order to integrate all aspects that companies need.

Education and training


• Awareness and training courses
• Workshops

Management Systems:

• Implementation of ISO 9001:2000
• Development and implementation of GMP
• Metrology: Equipment and instruments calibration plans.
• Implementation of BRC
• Hazard Analysis System and Critical Control Point (HACCP)
• Implementation of systems (or programs) document management

Internal Consultancy:

• Managing change into organizations
• Auditing the effectiveness of the implemented tools
• Leading special projects

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