Process re-engineering

DIMCA allows you to increase the response capacity of Engineering to the imperative necessities of:

Increase its production capacity, eliminate “bottlenecks”, increase the process reliability, develop a new product, or strengthen their equipment, adapt their machinery to comply with current legislation, CE, RD 1215 …
We are aware of the effort involved in any development or modification in a production process and the associated impact when we develop these projects with internal resources.

The coordination of a project is a complex interdisciplinary process. Requires decisions not only on attributes of design decision itself, but also about resource allocation and scheduling of many activities of product engineering and manufacturing, as well as extensive coordination with concurrent activities in marketing, finance, purchasing and other functional groups in and out of the structure of the business. This complexity inherent to the change, stresses organizations thus affecting inevitably their operations.
The outsourcing of these activities will allow your organization to focus on the fundamental aspects of the production work, giving it an efficient use of their resources and thus reducing costs.

You can trust DIMCA Engineers to outsource your engineering activities.
DIMCA offers Process Re-engineering service in; equipment, facilities and processes that provides you personalized service, focused on meet your time and specific needs with the highest quality, reliability and efficiency.

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We have managed + 10 Million Euros in Business Process Reengineering