How much could we improve as a company, if everyone solve problems every day?

In a new economic era, adopt the new philosophy …
W. Edwards Deming

The LEAN production model, also known as the Toyota Production System (TPS) means “Doing more with less” … less time, less space, less human effort, less equipment, less material … providing the customer what they want with the high quality, lower cost and in the shortest possible delivery.

 While Lean principles were developed in industrial processes today are universally applicable in all businesses.

In DIMCA, understand LEAN as a growth strategy where the involvement of all employees is vital to the successful implementation of this business system.

 The key is to create a culture of adding value, eliminating waste, reducing the time and therefore building a better, faster and more profitable company, every day, always aiming at customer satisfaction.

DIMCA team has over 6 years LEAN process firsthand expertise. Six years of intense growth and transformation in the three key aspects of implementation: Changing mindsets, creating new capabilities and acquisition of new behaviors until interiorize this philosophy as a working habit.

Convinced of its results, in DIMCA we provide support for your training, and guide you in the implementation of this process based on our experience.

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