Technical training

More and more companies consider their employees as their greatest asset. Is in this moment, when the training of staff at all levels of the organization becomes fundamental development strategy.

DIMCA has qualified professionals that administer appropriate training services enable organizations to ensure the training of top professionals on request. With an incomparable expertise in all aspects of the delivery of technical training, DIMCA is prepared to meet the specific needs of each training initiative, regardless of size, scope, or location.
You can trust DIMCA for a variety of training services including consulting, project management, training of trainers, training materials, , training and management of any scale deployment

Our expert consultants work closely with our clients to understand the objectives of your organization and mitigate the administrative and logistical problems often associated with the provision of training, identifying resource gaps and presenting the options that best meet their business objectives and learning
Dimca helps clients, offering training solutions that enable them to build solid learning programs tailored to the needs and goals of students and organization. We work with those responsible for “training” to create detailed specifications that will lead to the development and implementation of learning experiences, interesting and effective. Services may include instruction or study guide, instructor guide, student text or workbook, labs, review questions