Safety & Risk Control

“In DIMCA we really believe that there is nothing more important that the integrity of our clients, workers and partners, so that, they must be protected and accident free.”

DIMCA team has extensive experience working under the more restrictive safety standards in Europe, performing implementations and consultancy in the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Czech Republic, among others …

We know that a safety management system is effective only when all activities for industrial safety and occupational hygiene are controlled, policies and standards are set, plans and programs are developed and the implementation of technical and administrative processes that comprise the area are monitored .

From DIMCA offer your service, document management and support for integrating all aspects of the occupational hazards prevention:

Organization and Management

• Initial risks assessments
• Design and implementation of Preventive Management Systems
• Design and implementation of specific risks preventive plans
• Needs analysis, development and delivery of training programs
• Development and implementation of Emergency Plans and Self-Protection Manual
• Guidelines for the coordination of business activities (RD 171)
• Planning internal audit systems: “active monitoring”
• Document Control Chemicals: Safety Data Sheets, labeling …

Safety at Work

• Analysis and development of work procedures
• Risk assessments of work places and equipment
• Development and implementation of internal emergency plans
• Consulting and implementation programs of individual protection equipment utilization
• Analysis of electrical hazards, storage and transportation, etc..
• Checking and adoption of measures to comply with safety
requirements on machines (RD1215/1997)
• Fire Prevention and Protection Projects

MachineryLOTO tags locks

• Technical files of manufacturing machinery and equipment
• Design and evaluation of guards and physical protection