Productive processes optimization

The distance between what should be happening and what is actually happening often evidence an opportunity.

When we talk of a production process, many factors throughout its life can increase this distance, penalizing the machine reliability and causing production losses, and increasing the manufacturing cost. Factors such as exceeded design capacity, maintenance deficiencies, lack of monitoring and control over the process, erroneous corrective actions that cause new problems, or even lack of staff training.

From DIMCA, study and diagnose industrial processes looking for opportunities to offer the best solution to each of the problems identified, which help clients improve their performance and operational results allowing them to be more competitive without wasting resources.

Often the solutions to these problems are technical, but it must be remembered that in a production process are always present four components: machines, materials, people and working methods. DIMCA studies the process as a whole, presenting the opportunity for improvement to each of the identified issues.