Engineering projects

DIMCA Engineering Development and Advanced Continuous Improvement, has a passionate team of Engineers and Designers specialists that aims to make our customers more effective and competitive.

We perform all phases of the project, from the initial consultation “in situ” without commitment, to the development, manufacturing, project supervision, installation, commissioning and training, providing a comprehensive solution covering all stages. Our deep knowledge in Engineering Projects Management allows us to combine flexibility and agility, with cost-effective solutions of the highest quality.

“We are endorsed by the experience of having managed + 30 Million Euros in investment projects.”

The end result and quality of a project, are undoubtedly capital variables, flexibility and ability to adapt to customer needs, getting this process becomes a relaxing experience and certainly helpful. DIMCA engineering and services, consider our experience and collaborative spirit, as the basis on which sustains our relationship with our customers, your total satisfaction is our ultimate objective.

Proceso productivo

¡Committed to safety and the environment!

In DIMCA, we believe that the staff is the greatest asset of enterprises, so that each phase of the project is evaluated with the critical spirit of Safety. (Design, installation, maintenance, etc.). The objective is to identify any potential hazards and implement control measures for preventing and / or limiting the risks to employees and the environment.