CE Marking and RD 1215

Technical Files and CE Marking

Nowadays, all machines manufactured within the European Union and in order to be marketed, they must comply with the health and safety requirements and demands under the  2006/42/EC “Machines”, 17 May 2006 directive.

This conformity is embodied in a document for each machine, called “EC” DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY, which signed by the manufacturer or his legal representative, ensures compliance with the requirements of that Directive, thus,  machine can be “CE” labeled.


However, the statement  of “CE compliance” requires the preparation of a technical construction file, containing all the documentation generated on the machine since the construction project, so that the whole document represents a guarantee of “Machine Directive Compliance”. This record shall be available at their premises with the aim of meeting any possible checks by the competent national authorities, over a period of 10 years from the date of manufacture of the machine.

Firstly, in order to prepare this documentation, and then in the full development of the certification process is where DIMCA can lend its advice by performing:
• data analysis
• risk assessment
• conducting verification visits or audits / checks on the machine
• providing technical solutions to the problems identified
• proposing specific tests, in authorized laboratories
• revision of the operating instructions
• user manual amendments
• etc.

Royal Decree 1215

The R. D. 1215, lays down the minimum safety regulations that employers must adopt to ensure that working equipment is appropriate and that ensures the safety and health of workers.

DIMCA will design and implement the most appropriate solutions to comply with the Essential Health and Safety Requirements based on a prior risk assesment.

Design of mechanical guarding, which does not diminish the productivity of your machine by applying harmonized standards within the concepts:

• Calculation of distances for guards
• Calculation of distances for spacers

Design and implementation of electrical components in accordance with the category of every machine:

• Implementation of the “safety wiring diagrams” concept

Final carrera

• Implementation of PLC’s and logic Safety components

• Installation of electronic safety components

Design and implementation of safety pneumatic and hydraulic components depending on machine category:

• Design of pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams
• Installing Components